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Joint Restraints

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joint restraintjoint restraint

Joint Restraint Brochure (PDF)

Joint Restraint Submittal Sheet (PDF)

  • 2" - 12" IPS Pipe Sizes
  • 4" - 24" DIPS Pipe Sizes
  • 63 - 400mm DIN Pipe Sizes
  • Class 350 Ductile Iron, AWWA C153
  • Eliminates Concrete Thrust Blocks
  • Blunt Cast Serrations - Won’t Damage Pipe
  • Easy To Install 2-Bolt, 4-Bolt and 6-Bolt System

CAD Detail Drawings

Joint Restraint Chart (PDF) (DWG)

Library of Restrained Products (PDF) (DWG)

LB-Series (PDF) (DWG)

LPP-Series (PDF) (DWG)

LGK-Series (side view) (PDF) (DWG)

LGK-Series (top view) (PDF) (DWG)

LG-Series (PDF) (DWG)

LMJ-Series (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained 90 Bend) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained 90 Bend w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained 45 Bend w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained 22 Bend) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained 90 EL & Service Tee) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Tees) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Tee w/ LB-Series (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Reducing Tee w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Tee & Service Tee) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Deadend Tee w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Deadend Cap w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Reducer w/ LB-Series) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Double C-Clamp used for HDPE or High Pressure Applications) (PDF) (DWG)

LH-Series (Restrained Downhill Pipe) (PDF) (DWG)